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Still Hypnotized - Lyrics

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

The reason lies waiting on the shore

And your heart finds collapsing at the door

It's the reason why you can't let go at all

And when the time is right

waiting for the moment to speak your mind

laughing at the cause

it's not yours or mine

I hope you understand


And the reason why

You cannot lie

You're still hypnotized

by all that's passed you by

As you live and learn

divided by the thoughts

that you churn and burn

uplifted by the notion

that you're not afraid

you're not afraid to fall

And your liberties of all that you will know

and what's meant to be

enslaved by all that's modern

it's a repartee

you've heard it all before



You try to rise above

lessened by the weight that is fallen off

It's all behind you now

Your free to come and go

You're not a tragedy for all to see

You're not a vacancy wasting all you've got



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