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New singles 2024: A remix of "Paradise Underdogs" (B-Side version) and "Still Just A Kid Inside" (A-Side)"
originally released Nov 2023 is out now on most platforms.

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Indie Music Charts - SharePRO - 11/11/23

"Paradise Underdogs" peak position #5

"Still Just A Kid Inside" Peak position #3

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New Song "No One Else Will"
out May 29th on most platforms
Share Pro Indie Music Charts (Top 100)
05/18/2023 ranked #3 
Alternate Mix out now

"Paradise Underdogs" Instrumental,

released March 8th, 2023 

02/22 - #4 Share Pro's Music Charts Top 100.

"Like A Silent Movie"  
released February 3rd, 2023
Original mix released January 18th, 2023

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New acoustic song out Nov 22nd, 2022
"I Finally Found You"

Released Nov 2nd, 2022 "Not A Machine" out now on most platforms including Pandora.
Latest News
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Vibing with the "Melody of life," DEZ BOHEME sheds light on the human condition through creative expression. As Dez tiptoes on the edge of the twinkling light, he dips his feet in. While sitting and swirling them about, he savors the moment embracing it.


Drawing inspiration from the experience,  DEZ BOHEME embarks on a new journey.

He hopes sharing his artistic explorations will enrich your life as much as it has added to his own.


Like waves of expression influenced by the changing tides, Dez B's destiny lies beyond the golden shores of this life on the sandy beaches of never-never land.

DEZ BOHEME’s melodic signature vocals and rich acoustic guitar textures resonate with singer songwriter, Folk-pop & rock, along with Americana genres.


Song "HOME TO THAT PLACE" streaming on most platforms

Finding your way back "home" after an emotional roller-coaster ride...

"Home To That Place" Latest News







"Free Yourself" is streaming now on most platforms

including Pandora 

"An inspiring and freeing song with haunting undertones."

Latest News/blog + What's being said







"Don't Leave Me Dangling" released Nov 2nd, 2021

Latest News + Story Behind + Lyrics

12/01 - streaming Live on Pandora Radio

11/23 - Share Pro - INDIE MUSIC CHARTS - # 7 "Top Songs"


  •    08/03 - New Solo Acoustic track "Morning Sun," available now on Spotify. 

  • Updated 12/02/2021 - Dez Boheme's debut "La La Lonely Lies" was released June 23rd, 2021

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"Home To That Place" released August 24th. 

Honk Magazine's & ET News review 10/04/2022

About: Toe-tapping, feel-good vibe--romanticizing dating with intent and a future in mind.

Spotify Link available November 2nd.

Genres: Indie Rock, Retro, Folk Rock

All instruments performed by Dez Boheme

Written & Produced by Dez Boheme.

Mastered by Sterling Sound.

"La La Lonely Lies" available now for streaming on most platforms

All instruments performed by Dez Boheme

Written & Produced by Dez Boheme

Mastered by Ariel Chobaz

Recorded at "The Alcove Room" home studio.

© Cover Art "Crossroads to Life" Anton Desmond Ryan

"La La Lonely Lies" Live Solo Acoustic from The Alcove Room.

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