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"Limelights" Latest News

Updated: Jun 3

Limelights (Remix) April 13th, 2024,

Out on most platforms by July 17th

Demo shared June 29, 2022

Share PRO Indie Music Charts: June 28 - July 2nd - #3 peak position

What's being said:

"Amazing Track we would love to add to our dedicated 24h independent music server for broadcast"

"The combination of captivating instrumentation, powerful songwriting and earnest vocal delivery leading up to that climactic moment makes for a very memorable listening experience overall that has a lot of potential to resonate with a lot of people...."

"I love the tone of your guitar. It remotely reminded me of a very successful Go Go Dolls' track from the 90s. I also found the melody to be very comforting, with an almost healing effect. Thanks for submitting your track, I'll share it on my Spotify playlist."

"...The guitar does very well at taking the lead of the song. It creates the most emotion. The vocals also evoke emotion, especially in the higher notes. This is a lyrically well written song. Very nice tempo..."

Decent acoustic track similar to your other work. Vocal layering works well and the subtle shift to a lower tone (maybe drop D?) hooks the listener without them knowing it. Nice work! Added to our Acoustic playlist to keep supporting your work. Cheers!

"A poetic psych folk rock treat with idiosyncratic progression that will share soon as part of one of our blog playlist series. Best!..."

"WOW, it's a really outstanding performance. What a melody performance of this music I was really impressed. The song lyric and music sound make cool and smooth vibes. Keep up this performance I hope the audience also likes this music. I am looking forward to your next music submission. Thank you :)..."

"...We think you did a great job with this song. The melody is cool. We really like the vocals in this song they fit so well We personally think you did a great job so well done with this. We are happy to share this on our social accounts and will do this in the next week for you:















"Thank you for your submission. This song is soothing to listen. It has calming effect and the lyrics are great. Only the last part , I suggest be transitioned smoothly from shifting of the rhythm but over all this song is a good one. Keep creating music that lights the hearts of the listeners."

"Limelights' by Dez Boheme Okay, really, ‘Don't Leave Me Dangling,’ have you been here before? Sorry. Yep, couldn’t resist. Hey, welcome back! Let’s see what you got cookin’ this go ‘round. Starts out slow, moody, almost somber. Lulls you into some strange tranquil dream. Then, that great, sudden build-up of chorus at :52. Hits you again at 1:51. I can see, er, hear what you mean by building to the outro. Short and sweet, really. Anything longer and your payoff would probably lose its potency. Well done, again! MJ P. S. – So, have another table available on those “golden shores, on the sandy beaches of never-never land”? Sound like a nice place. P. P. S. – Kinda confused. Dez or Des? I’m seeing it both ways. Not that it matters, I suppose...".

"Hi Dez Thank you for sharing. The feel of the track and vocals is definitely on point as to the latest style. I feel like I would like a little more work done on the production of bringing the song together. I wish you all the best with your release...."

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