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"Paradise Underdogs (B-Side)" & "Still Just A kid Inside (A-Side)" reviews

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

"Paradise Underdogs"

What's being said from some curators & bloggers: 10/29/2023


"Great stuff that will share soon as part of Dope blog playlist series Kind Regards!"

"I really love instruments and this song had me sucked in from the start. I really enjoy the lyrics as it compliments the beat as well...."

"The song is really groovy. The drums and the bass work together perfectly. The acoustic guitar parts are played beautifully and with so much feeling. The guitar solo is also very well-thought and arranged. It creates an amazing atmosphere on the recording. The chorus is phenomenal and the harmonized vocals sound so compelling...."

"‘Paradise Underdogs’ by Dez Boheme Think I’m going to stop counting. Okay, fine. Nine. Happy? So, B-Side to your last selection, eh. Got it. Your songs definitely reach into the soul and call out aspects that, I’d say, most never think about in that kind of detail or, perhaps, even want to. Those staid lyrics play off the whimsical guitar and mix as a positive message. Speaking of, I’m lovin’ the guitar, especially in the bridge heading towards the latter half of the tune starting at 2:26. Bright but not over-the-top. Never really thought about the titles to your songs, maybe this goes for songs in general, I suppose, but for some reason, listening to your song I was thinking how the title is a snapshot of the feeling found in the song. I mean, sure, it’s part of the lyric, but it calls out the sentiment of the song more than just, “Hey, it’s the title of my song because I keep repeating it!” Never mind. Well, as per usual, a solid offering that more than its notes. MJ..."

"Still Just A Kid Inside"


"Very cool. Way darker and more sinister than you would expect from a song with this title. I dig the way it skirts genres -- you could call it folk, you could call it rock, you could call it grunge. Either way, you'd be right. The whole track -- from the groove to the melody to the vocals -- is hypnotic and immersive. It pulls you in and holds on until the refrain is stuck in your head for good. Even the breakdown ending works. The whole tracks is basically a masterclass in 'less is more' -- it doesn't need a bunch of filler and umpteen different parts to make its point. Obviously it's not out yet, so I can't add it to my playlist. So I'll just say thanks for sharing this, best of luck and keep up the great work. cheers / d"

"...I like this song's hypnotizing, smooth vibe. I also like the song's electrifying vocals."

"Amazing Track, I would love to include in station playlist and add to our dedicated 24h independent music server for Broadcast"

I really love the vibe and feel of this song! It’s a smooth but laid back jam and I think we all “just a kid inside”, I really enjoyed listening to the lyrics and instruments"

"I love the alt-folk, grunge-ish vibe I'm getting from this track. A very discernible level of angst here. Thank you for sharing!"

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