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Local rags, reviews, and live shows

It seems live band reviews by local music magazines have lost some of their appeal and value with the advent and proliferation of social media platforms. Or have they?

I think there was something romantic and even cool about overcoming your shyness to "hit up" the editors of a local music rag, like a Village voice, Melody Maker, Drum Media..., and checking the audience before a gig to see if he/she was there to see your show. Well, if you can remember that far back Lol...

Getting together with you band mates the following week at your local hang out, and on the agenda was to see if you got a mention or review...and it was so cool when you did. Even if it wasn't that great. And if it was good, well -- that was a bonus. And bit by bit as your shows got better and you garnered some sort of live following -- seeing similar faces popping up at your gigs to see you play (spreading the word) -- you might have got a write up or something, and a little more street "cred."

These days, although it's mostly all online--it's actually pretty similar. Bands and musical artist's are instead: working at increasing their followings on social platforms. And the "word of mouth" is spread via the internet and respective communities, chat rooms, messages boards etc...

It'll be interesting to see what happens with the whole live "thing" opening up again soon after COVID?...Will the audiences be different? Their expectations different? The vibe of established local clubs--will they be different? What will the vibe of large arenas and festivals be like now after the pandemic, and everything the world/people has experienced? idk...but I'm looking forward to finding out and being able to play live again!

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