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About: The song "La La Lonely Lies."

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

“LA LA Lonely Lies”, explores the thoughts, emotions and “the lies we can tell oneself to stay in unhealthy relationships."

A catchy chorus and soaring vocals around a simple chord progression with contemporary story telling lyrics, “LA LA Lonely Lies” was produced with a retro vibe using modern technology for a song that's both easy to identify with and hum along to.

As I recall...

I wrote it in the Spring of 2020 on returning home to Minneapolis-St Paul after 13 years in LA. One of my roommates living in my home, I was away most of the year, had entered into a new relationship. After arriving back at the house, I noticed them arguing. And one night while a friend of mine was visiting, we heard yelling and screaming, and then a loud thud coming from her bedroom. We went and knocked on her door. After the second attempt she opened her door and her boyfriend remained in the room out of sight. She appeared somewhat shaken, but subdued. She said "I'm Ok." But later that night they began arguing again, and I had to ask her boyfriend to leave. My friend spoke to her about resources for women, if she needed them...

The next morning, I saw my roommate. She expressed regret that I had witnessed it, but then said, "We're figuring it out..." She moved out shortly afterward continuing to see him. Her mother a month or so later contacted me in an effort to reach her. She had not heard from her and was worried...

La La lonely Lies, was written that following day when my roommate said "we're figuring it out." As it triggered an all too familiar story in my own past of not being able to deal with unhealthy situations in the right way, and the lies I told myself remaining in those relationships when it would have been better to have moved on much sooner.

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