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All bottled up inside - Lyrics

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Bottled up (Oh Sigh I)

Verse 1

Down in the valley of hidden Kings

Where they lay bare all the mysteries

Up on the mantel there's a terrifying Scarab

Cloaked in the night, Pharaohs flying across the crimson sky


Oh, I I I, I never knew what you had all bottled up inside

Oh, sigh I I, what a pleasant surprise to finally see you thrive

Verse 2

Hollywood's got its own scene

Up on the Boulevard they're all pimped out like Pawn Queens

You can't stop, you can stop this menagerie,

Shadows ruminating in your love ravine.


The sea of love got some freaky monsters

I count three horns as they rear their ugly heads

but you're now watching it all go by.

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