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"Free Yourself" new version out now: Back Story + What's being said.

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

New version available on most platforms including Pandora March 4th.

Free Yourself releases March 4th, 2022

Stripped Back version released Feb 2nd, 2022

02/03/2021 - SHARE PRO MUSIC CHARTS - TOP 100 #25

02/03/2021 - Streaming on most platforms including Pandora:

A version of the song "Free Yourself" was written many years ago and originally had 6/8 timing in the verse with a different bridge and lyrics. It was originally a ballad with sentimental tendencies, that morphed into a darker creature when it was finally recorded in December of 2021. However, overall it has been described as having a soulful and inspiring vibe to it, driven by soaring vocals projecting--by todays trends--an avant-garde melody. Most of the tracking of instruments & vocals were done in a day, continuing on into the wee hours, and along with a few overdubs was mixed the following month.

Des B talking about recording it:

Free Yourself (Stripped Back Version)

What's being said: Updated 02/18/2022

Fluttertone: "Class. This …track has some magic. Love the vibe."

Virmedius Entertainment marketing: "I like this song because it's almost a timeless feel. Meaning, a lot of what is "popular" on the radio right now will be out in 10 years, but singer/songwriter/acoustic driven music will always be in demand :) I like the melody and music of this song, you have some really cool ideas! The only part i'm not a huge fan of is the layered harmonies. I think with your voice, you can afford to keep it

simple. Great work! .."

Pop Music for smart people "Hello. Love your voice and the feeling you emote but I don't think the track is right for my show and audience though. Wish you the best though"

Last Day Deaf "Yup! Another great indie folk track with an intimate vocal performance and a strong message for everybody. Will share this gem as part of VITAL blog playlist series within next week. Best Regards!"

Tinnitist Blog: Darryl Sterdan - King of Tinnitist | Canada's Most-Followed Music Critic | Freelance Scribbler | Opinionated Yapper | General Misanthrope

"The earnest vocal delivery, inspiring lyrical sentiments and powerful acoustic instrumentation behind this song all work together to produce a memorable and deeply reflective listening experience that many will be able to relate to and take inspiration from" .

Plastic Magazine "Nice writing on this, liking the vocals and the recording is good. This one is just a bit too stripped back for my taste though, best of luck ..."

Carolina Music Video Awards "I really enjoyed the tune, it was very laid back and very easy to listen to. This song belongs on the radio."

"hi, yes, I like it and I will add it to one of our playlists Thanks a lot that you have shared your song with us best wishes Wolf from NenesButler presents.."

The StreamLINE music blog "Hi Des, thank you for submitting your music to StreamLINE! I enjoyed the folksy acoustic vibe of "Free Yourself". I thought the hook was executed exceptionally well, almost anthemic in its tone with a masterful layering of the vocals. There were portions of the lead vocal that I thought tapered off in certain sections in terms of tone and pitch, however, overall, a solid song and kudos on the lyricism involved as well...." .

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