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"Home To That Place" Latest News

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Out now on most platforms including Pandora mid August, 2022

"What's being said:"

Updated 10/26/2022

"Home To That Place' is a folk/acoustic release with charismatic vocals, stunning lyrics and layered instrumentation. Dez is an artist with a big future ahead of him."

"Hey there, I have always been a fan of your music. Since I listened to your song "Free Yourself". "Home To That Place" is a good fit for our website and we would be sharing it. Thanks."

"Thank you so much for sending us your amazing masterpiece you have a great talent and you deserve more support for it. We will share your music on our popular playlists keep up the good work"

"Another beautiful track with intense, nostalgic vibes , and lyrics, that will share soon as part of VITAL blog playlist series. Best Regards!..."

"Thank you so much for sending us your amazing masterpiece. You did a great job and you deserve more support for your amazing talent. We will share your music on our channel playlists. keep up the good work."

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald: movie soundtrack

"So dope! Love the voice and the guitar melody and riffs are insane."

"Amazing Track, I would love to include in station playlist and add to our dedicated Independent Music Server for Broadcast."

"Home to that Place" is a solid song, well-written and the instrumentation has a placid, engaging feel to it which is complemented by exceptionally well by the mellow lead vocal performance. I thought the choral layering of the voices in the chorus was a nice touch also, creates a communal, almost anthemic vibe...."

"I'm going home to that place and standing still" definitely reminds me of when I begin missing home and all the memories I had growing up with my friends and family. Great art you have created!..."

"Thanks for making great music, I really enjoyed this."

Great vocal harmonies, pleasing acoustic strums, and exceptional songwriting. This track should be broadcasted to radio and late night television..."

"Hi thanks for submitting your track. It’s good music production. All good enough..."

"The combination of the emphatic vocal delivery, anthemic acoustic instrumentation and earnest songwriting featured on this song makes for a memorable and compelling listening experience with a lot of potential to make it big.... "

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