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The Wizards Hat - Musing

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

The Wizard with the white hat

gently bowed to the audience

in darkness,

And softly spoke of

the fragility of life,

The life within the hearts and minds of men and women

like a tender sweet bitterness.

Veiled in its deceit,

the deceit of oneself

And what oneself is,

forged in a shield of Armour,

Armed against its own loneliness

with treachery lurking.

Lurking beneath the sublime waters,



but never reaching,

And thus spoke the man with the White Wizard’s Hat.

But it wasn’t a white rabbit he pulled out of his hat.

It was the whole universe.

A crystallized world of magical fairy dust

Sparkling with all the genesis of life.

Like that hidden in the hearts and minds of men and women.

In all its magnificence,

In all its resplendence,


Gushing forth

Always present,


So it wasn’t a white rabbit's "foot" he was hiding in his hat after all.

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